Saturday, 29 December 2012

New years honours? This one's a head-scratcher...

I have no personal feelings about Professor Simon Wessely's character whatsoever. I must also say he is not the only person whose actions I and many others have good reason to critique. Nevertheless, the man has been dogmatically and aggressively promoting fallacious pet theories, informed by prejudicial beliefs about patients, for many years. This has led to institutionalised abuse, in various ways, of patients, and has caused huge levels of catastrophic harm to many people. In recent years he and his supporters have engaged in nothing short of a smear campaign, using his privileged access to the press, against those who make reasonable objections to his actions. To see him awarded a knighthood in these circumstances is demoralising and odd, to say the least, although it perhaps points to how such a system is often not properly scrutinised. There will be a lot of alienated UK citizens shaking their heads in dismay over this.

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