Sunday, 25 March 2012

Email to Metropolitan Police re incident at Stratford, 22/3/12

I have just submitted this to the Metropolitan Police (see link below):

“I am using this form to 'technically' complain because I wish to make sure my concerns here are addressed and taken seriously. I have various deep concerns about the conduct of police on Thursday, 22nd March, in the incident involving the dog 'Poison' in Albert Road, Stratford, including how it has been reported by police, and information fed to the press by police, especially about the alleged 'pit-bull' status of the dog. I write as an social science academic with an interest in these issues (and the owner of a small, NON-type dog), so do not have a personal stake in the incident itself, but am expressing concern in the public interest. I am writing to request that Commander Stephen Watson, who I understand is leading a review of the case, refrain from concluding his enquiry until I have had a chance to formulate the concerns I have (and indeed, any other members of the public). I also intend to make a number of requests for information under FOI from the Metropolitan police in the next few days also. I would be grateful for an email for Commander Watson, in order to express the points I think need to be considered for this review he is undertaking. In the interests of public safety, and concern by the dog-owning community for the way police handle 'civilian' dogs, especially bull-breeds (whether or not of 'pit bull type'), the police need to be seen to be acting responsibly and learning lessons from this incident, especially about animal welfare, and especially about the welfare of bull-breed dogs. I presume the Metropolitan Police agree this is a reasonable aim, and will take steps to co-operate in order to allow people like myself to express our reasonable concerns. I am publicising this small statement, and intend to do with any further information/correspondence, in the public interest. Many thanks in advance for your co-operation.”

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My complaint to the BBC regarding claims of 'malicious harassment' in Summer 2011

Today I received this decision from the Editorial Standards Committee (ESC) of
the BBC, who tell me the following decision of theirs is 'final'. If possible, I
intend to take it further because I do not consider this a fair and impartial
decision (especially as it is the BBC policing themselves). Nor is it an
accurate reflection of the points I made. In the meantime I am publicising the
ESC's decision here:

Here is also one email from me to the BBC re the above complaint, for clarity: